Cockroach Species File (Version 5.0/5.0)
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Editorial policy

Type specimen information:

Information about primary types (i.e. holotypes, syntypes, lectotypes and neotypes) is recorded in full and the specimens are individually listed.  In the case of secondary types (e.g. paratypes and paralectotypes) only the number of specimens of each sex plus the depository are recorded.

Taxonomic references:

The priority is to list references to the publication in which a name was first described, plus the reference to the last published nomenclatural act (if there is one).  For example, if the species Aus bus Jones, 1901 was synonomized by Smith with Cus dus in 1910 and Cus dus was then synonomized with Xus yus by Roth in 1980, only the papers by Jones, 1901 and Roth, 1980 would usually be cited.


Images of dead specimens shown in dorsal or ventral view are arranged vertically, with the head at the top of the photograph.  Images of dead specimens shown in lateral view are arranged horizontally, with the head to the right or the left of the image, depending on which side of the specimen was photographed.

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